The school offers Years 8-12 providing a caring school environment for those who find the mainstream school environment difficult. Girls are usually referred here by their current school, psychologists, hospitals, Department of Child Protection, Juvenile Justice team or participation officers.

Referrals may be prompted by truancy, poor self image, self harm, difficulty in establishing relationships, repeated suspensions, exclusion from current school, problems with authority figures, psychological problems, bullying experiences or bullying behaviour.

The school embraces the charism of the Good Shepherd Sisters, who founded the school in 1956. The school has dual accountability to the Catholic Education Office and Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand.

Learning at St Clare’s

The school offers a varied learning experience, which includes focused teaching on literacy and numeracy. The school has a full Year 8-10 program as well as a Year 10-12 program with endorsed Units, Courses of Study and VET.

The school offers classes with curriculum that is culturally relevant, through recognising different life experiences and ability levels.


St Clare's School (WA)